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The Grampians

The Grampians are a range of mountains that run east and west about 300 km west of Melbourne. This area was the subject of a bush fire last summer which prevented us from visiting the region till now. Much of the park was closed to the public in an effort to allow for re-forestation. What little we could see was, of course, quite beautiful.

Fire Damage

We saw first hand the result of fire damage in Wilson's Promentory and now again here. While the fire was more recent here than in the Prom, there was immediate evidence of the recovery of the undergrowth and the unique nature of this type of forest. Below are images taken on our walk through the park to a place called the Balconies.

The fire damage was extensive The beginnings of the grass tree after fire
The grasses grow out first Then the shoot appears
More examples of the shoot ...and yet again.
Growth starts all along the trunk ... and continues to grow up the trunk while there is still plenty of light in the forest.

The Balconies


MacKenzie Falls

The only other place open to us was this large falls located just down the road from the balconies. It was a bit of a walk down to the bottom of the falls and a hard walk back up as most of the trail was make of stone steps with railings installed to prevent slipping on the usually wet rock surfaces. There were many people moving up and down the track so this was the busiest place we visited.

Upper part of the lower falls Upper part of the lower falls
Lower part of the lower falls Lower part of the lower falls
Upper view of a section of the falls Fern growing out of the rock
Lower view of a section of the falls Edite at the bottom of the falls
The top of the falls from high up The upper part of the falls just below the top
The top of the fall looking down The blackfish sign

Other Aspects of the Park

Most of the rest of the park was seen from the car. Along the way we stepped out for a better view of some things, and other shots were taken as we walked between the balconies and the falls. The road through the park actually worked its way in and out of the park boundries so we have shots of some of the sights in the region as well. It was particularly notable that, at this time of year, the paddocks were so green. We have been used to seeing just brown fields. This trip was so striking in that after the rain that has fallen in the past two months, Victoria does turn a lush green, if only for a short period.

More burned-out foliage The ultimate dare-devil
Happiness is not falling off the edge A shy Kookaburra
The view from the balcony of our hotel A strange cloud formation around Mt. Zero
A non-native speices of flowering tree One of those giant displays Australia is famous for.
Heather Wattle tree blossoms. Just beautiful!
A view of the valley surrounding the Grampians Notice that the fields are GREEN!
The sheep love this time of year Lots of trees and vegetation in winter

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